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Lupita’s Lancôme Look – The Products Used In Her Official First Photo!

LupitaLancomeMakeup (1)
I like the concept of a universal beauty that every woman should be represented socially , regardless of their physical appearance or their origins. Maybe that’s why the actress phrase Lupita Nyong’o is so memorable to me, ” no matter where you from your dreams are also valid “
And for me to see the image of a black woman with a dark complexion in one of the top beauty brands in the world for which I have fortunate to have worked as a makeup artist , fills me with satisfaction. I can finally see myself in a mirror as do thousands of women every day on television, magazines, and as in campaigns for major cosmetics brands. For my money, the money of a woman of dark complexion like mine , well worth the effort of companies , to make us partakers of the beauty industry and give us the opportunity to know that we can be and we are socially visible and important .

Lupita Thanks for making this dream possible. Thank to you thousands of girls of dark complexion like mine have awakened knowing that are important.
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Peach- Ice tea /Helados de té y melocoton.

This recipe first appeared on the web beauty SouthAfrica.
He descubierto esta receta  en  una  nueva pagina que visito   a menudo.
Y la idea  de hacer helados  saludables para los niños me parece genial.
Aquí  esta  la receta  y la forma de preparación.
1-3 tazas de agua caliente
2-8 bolsitas de te fresco rooibos
3-1/2 taza de azúcar
4-250 ml de zumo de melocoton
5- melocotones  frescos
a) Echar  las tres  tazas de agua caliente sobre  las bolsas de té
c) Deja  que te  repose por unos minutos.
d) Echa el azúcar en el agua caliente  muévelo hasta que se disuelva.
e) añadir el zumo de melocoton y colarlo.
f) Una vez que este frió ponerlo en un molde  de helados con el palo y meter en el congelador
g) Para servirlo  remueva los  helados del frigorifico y póngalos en una bandeja.
Nota; para r como té  helado de melocotón seguir  los paso de 1-5 y sírvelo com mucho hielo.
English  version:

Freshpak peach iced tea lollies

Makes 8 lollies

3 cups boiling water
8 Freshpak rooibos tea bags
1/2 cup of sugar
250ml of peach juice
Fresh peaches for garnish

1.        Pour 3 cups of boiling water over the tea bags.
2.        Let tea steep for about 5 minutes and then remove bags and discard.
3.        Add sugar to hot water, stir until dissolved.
4.        Add peach juice and stir.
5.        Pour tea mixture into a jug and refrigerate.
6.        Once cooled, pour into prepared ice lolly trays and place in the freezer overnight.
7.        To serve, remove the lollies from the freezer and place on a tray served with sliced peaches as garnish.

Note: To serve as a peach iced tea, follow steps 1 – 5. Serve with lots of ice and fresh peach wedges.



Ten reasons why I hate blogging in Africa or How to blogging in Africa and survive the attempt

First I want to say that this is my experience, missmangue experience in Africa and in a particular city of this continent in this case the island of Malabo. This is not to say it, is the only or the most authentic , this is just my personal opinion, and if anyone has another opinion I would appreciate the share with missmangue.
The reason I write this article, following another published in the blog: artbecomesyou.com , listed her favorite Cameroonian bloggers . But this is not what caught my attention , as did the fact that they all lived in the West , New York , Berlin, London , Paris , Milan, Swiss etc . It was amazing that no one of them live in Africa. That got me thinking , and of course I knew very well the reason at least for my experience, why it was easier blogging in a Western country  than in Africa .
Start from the beginning , when I finally decided to come to this continent , after many reservations , doubts, what encouraged me was not so much the idea of ​​going even new site, because that’s what I had done in the last few years traveling and see new places . What attracted me and was in my mind was the wonderful opportunities that would amount : to meet , photograph , interview , and especially wonderful places to visit . But most exciting was the idea that my blog curlymangue on natural hair will have many followers, with whom to share common experiences , after all I was going to a continent where most women had my hair type.
But being a blogger on the island is no pushover , rather it is like swallowing a ball of mashed banana without water. Despite having more free time , and climate is favorable. I must admit that , being a blogger in the city where I live. It’s not easy , it is rather like climbing Everest without snow boots, painful but not impossible. ” Perhaps exaggerating this ” these are the negatives that I have found .
1 – Deception : first disappointment here on the island people are not very receptive  with  new arrivals.
2 – My Camera : take a picture without they wonder why you shoot or still they ask do you justify that photo of a sunset , or no to look at you  in wrong way is like winning the Oscar without ever having made ​​a movie .
3 – Interviews : regarding the interviews, I’ve only achieved  one, because meet someone for an interview especially if is a female ( their mind starts to think that you  planing sell them to someone ) . I have to point out that I have been told it is better to make the photos from mobile, is less flashy and threatening to them so I will provide a good mobile . ( Because I prefer solutions )
4 – Picture : get a photo at a flea market , without being insulted , for  not to buy something, it seems impossible . (Although I have decided to try again for my readers)
5 – Distrustful : what is more disconcerting is suspicious people , as the photos. Some still think that if you take a picture is to make voodoo.
June – Fashion : Fashion as speaking in a place where there is fashion , mind you I do not say that people do not dress well ( but my idea of fashion is born out in the street) Down the street that many people are stylish , but you let them do a photo and you interview , it’s hard. Although I ‘m willing to try to pay someone . Another problem is closer to the trendy shops , it is difficult to propose something to get around someone who looks at you with hungry dog ​​face as if you had killed someone.
7 – The internet connection : something important if not essential for a blogger . This is slow, tedious , frustrating. Add a text can be endless and to tell you to upload photos, whose feat is so slow and unbearably frightening as waiting times in receiving a dentist.

8-  Light out: the lights of the capital, go out very often, leaving you without electricity. So you lost your writing if you have not saved before the blackout.

9- Unstable voltage:the elecctricidad has an unstable voltage, which would make your odenador scream in pain if it were a person. So you must be careful that this does not is plugged during the blackout and turning on the lights. What compels me to stay, alert as a hawk on the hunt for a mouse.
As you will understand this can be tiring and stressful.

10- All about money:The other downside is how expensive it is to hire intent on the island, about 350 € which is prohibitive for the average person like me. And I will say go to a booth, and of course that’s what I do sometimes, but most of the time your network is slower than a lame horse in a race.
Then we get the bars and preunto me how many drinks I consusmir before the waiter looks at me with a face. But, I don’t want to demoralize  you, So I tell you that despite  of everything I still blogged.

Positive in any circumstance and any challenge : yes I am one of those people who in the midst of the blackest storm and terrifying is the only ray of light that peeks out from behind a mountain. So do not lose hope that things will improve , or that I find a way to get along with the island and its people.
Future: things despite these negative points , I have to say that being a blogger on the island could become rewarding if people start to see it as normal.

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Cameroonian Fashion Blogger of the Year

Originally posted on Art Becomes You:

My country people, first of all Happy New Year 2014 from me (ABY) to you.


It’s established by now that I do love a good countdown.

And what sums up a year better than a good ole countdown of all your favourite things.

We kicked off nicely with most fashionable women of 2013. Let’s carry on with our favourite Cameroonian Lifestyle & Fashion Bloggers.

2013 has certainly been a breakout year in terms of fashion and blogging in Cameroon. It has seen an immense growth of general fashion consciousness in Cameroon and more people have taken up blogging or have becomes more familiar with the term blog than last year. I am ashamed to say that I only know a handful of Cameroonian bloggers but hopefully we’re only going to get better at it in 2014.

First off, blogging is HARD. Unless you are a full time blogger, you…

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Your Morning Cup of Inspiration

Originally posted on sweet lemon™ (s|l):


Regardless of what someone else did to you, always staying true to your CHARACTER is the best way to go.

Finally making my way back to a place that makes me happy. And it feels fantastic. Xo, g

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Editorial: Lupita Nyongo for New York Magazine by Ay Larocca

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