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Something Simple, Courgette + Feta Salad

Originally posted on Thyme & Honey:

Courgette + Feta Salad | Thyme & Honey

Courgette + Feta Salad | Thyme & Honey

The other day I was asked what set my blog apart from the rest. In short, what was my USP?

In a world where even the most obscure ingredient is relatively accessible, complex recipes, fancy techniques and even fancier equipment saturate our daily lives. Don’t get me wrong, I would jump at the chance to dine at Noma, but ask me where I’d be happiest and I’d say sitting by the sea with grilled octopus dressed in lemon and olive oil and a village salad. Rustic food, food meant for the table, for the act of sharing and breaking bread, that’s the food that I love and the food that I cook.

I’m not sure that counts as a USP, but I’m not one for fads and gimmicks. So simple cooking, rustic fare and an approachable way of eating is what it’s got to be for me, and what…

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Big Fish in a Small Pond

Originally posted on BitterSweet:

If we can all agree that 2013 was the year of the coconut, then I do hereby declare 2014 the year of the vegan fish. Perhaps the trend isn’t quite so widespread or pronounced- You’re not about to find mock seafood woven into everything from granola bars to non-dairy beverages, thank goodness- but it’s a distinct and growing section of the innovative food industry. While the demand for cruelty-free alternatives has grown to a deafening roar over the past decade, meatless offerings never included any oceanic facsimiles. It was the last frontier of veganism, but no more.

I first became aware of Atlantic Natural Foods and their Vegetarian Fishless Tuna back in the cold days of winter, and thanks to my snail’s pace of turning out a review, they have since updated their branding. It now falls under their Caroline’s line, bearing a shiny new label, but the product itself…

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My Inspirational Quote n. 23

Originally posted on styleandlipstick:

Hello everyone. “Just do it” is my today’s mantra… How better than this quote below? Thanks for stopping by.. I wish you all a beautiful week.

david frost inspirational quote



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YOU Tell Me: How Do You Do Your Brows?

Originally posted on Say Hello to Gorgeous:

Happy Tuesday! Hope my fellow Americans had a great 4th of July weekend. Last week, I did a post called “YOU Tell Me” in which, instead of talking about me, I heard all about you! I enjoyed reading your comments so much that I wanted to do it again this week. This time, tell me how you do your eyebrows.

Photo courtesy of Maria Morri

Photo courtesy of Maria Morri

Do you like the thick eyebrow look or does that just not work for you? Do you fill your brows in heavily, with a light touch or not at all? I posted my thoughts on the thick brow trend here, but I want to know what you think. Let me know in the comments below.

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Chose your summer hat and make your skin happy.


Summer braids.

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My Friday quote for the weekend. I hope last you all year.


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