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What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege

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The phrase “white privilege” is one that rubs a lot of white people the wrong way. It can trigger something in them that shuts down conversation or at least makes them very defensive. (Especially those who grew up relatively less privileged than other folks around them). And I’ve seen more than once where this happens and the next move in the conversation is for the person who brought up white privilege to say, “The reason you’re getting defensive is because you’re feeling the discomfort of having your privilege exposed.”

I’m sure that’s true sometimes. And I’m sure there are a lot of people, white and otherwise, who can attest to a kind of a-ha moment or paradigm shift where they “got” what privilege means and they did realize they had been getting defensive because they were uncomfortable at having their privilege exposed. But I would guess that more often than…

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Disfrutar de la nueva creación de Tomasz Bagiński, que ha realizado para la Agencia Espacial Europea. Titulada Ambition, en relación al proyecto de la agencia espacial europea con el proyecto de la misión de la  Sonda Rosetta.

Os dejamos también otra obra por la que fué nominado al Oscar en la categoría Mejor cortometraje animado y en donde personalmente creo que se inspiró en la obra de otro talento que tan gratamente Polonia nos brinda, como fué la obra de  Zdzisław Beksiński

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Modern african fashion

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“Ongoroongoro” african fashion fabric and clothes online store

Click the photo to star shopping.

3366574_orig    celebs

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Ongoroongoro your oline store : Buy african hand made fashion online .

After having spent time in Africa and back to Europe, I realized that what he liked about the African continent, had been his canvases. So much have been impressed by the fabrics and dresses filled with handmade prints. Therefore, apart from me some dresses with that type of design. Two partner and me decided to create an online store where I sell handmade African Fashion. The designs will be different African countries or artists who live outside the African continent.  “Ongoroongoro  online store”

Foreigners who came from other places that live on the island are particularly flirty when designing their costumes. Not surprisingly most of the tailors on the island are foreigners.
Long time ago that nothing excites me about this. But design, the fabrics, the colors of these unique pieces of textile craft in its class. I have been thrilled.
Hope you enjoy shopping in fashion store and African design “Ongorogoro”.

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Tips to combat the dryness of your hair while you sleep

Tips to combat the dryness of your hair while you sleep:
Yes while you sleep. It is important to remember that your hair care need psyche even overnight, because due to the dry atmosphere and texture of the pillowcases can dehydrate your hair at night and experience high dryness.What causes tangling and breaking during the night. And when you wake your hair  is dry, lifeless and full of tangles.

The best way to protect it during your sleep time is to use these little tricks, that in addition to easy  they a are not time consuming. So you can put into practice anywhere you are, whether at home or on vacation.


The first thing I do is describe the steps and products I use to make my hair look perfect in the morning.

1-I try to moisturize my hair with a good conditioner whenever I wash it. The conditioner also gives me shine and is perfect for detangling hair while I shower and keeps it tangle free.
2 I use a restorative intensive mask twice a week or when I need it . That provides vitamins and fiber strengthens my hair.

3 -I always have a hair oil or a shea butter, avocado etc ….. Before going to bed, I always kind of a restful oil, I mix with a little shea butter on hand before applying  on my hair. That helps my hair stay hydrated all night.

4- Finally: I tie my hair in four braids, after applying  oil  mixes with  shea butter. Then I put a satin cap or scarf. With which I sleep, that helps my hair retain moisture and hydrated , so the next day is ready to style  (Women of the past century,  used hats or scarves, also hair gathered to sleep ) This can be clearly seen in the novel “Little Women” where the author Louisa may Alcott, the author described how young  girl and putting on their hats before  an   braids before bed time  bedtime.
5- By day I always try to wear a protective hair cream whose main ingredient is water. To keep my hair hydrated throughout the day.

Tip: You can also buy a satin pillow to sleep if you find it more comfortable than the scarves. It is important to be satin because most fibers used to make pillowcases absorb moisture from the hair and the surface is very rough porous also. What makes your hair loses moisture quickly and break.

I hope you have enjoyed the tricks and  serve  you in the future. So  you wake up with a healthy and vibrant hair.


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Lupita Nyong’o fashion icon : My favorite photos.

I think it’s good to have diversity in the world: And I think it is good that comes to the world of fashion. Because you want it or not it is part of our life. Yes, there are always some people  who don’t want to acknowledge. So the idea of ​​making a small album of some of my  favorite pictures of this brilliant woman who is Lupita, I found it appropriate because it has become a fashion icon, being part of the diversity that represents the world. That is  so complex and full of confusion. Proving that we all have a place in it, and our dreams too.

Legal  notice:
I do not own any rights to the photos shown on this page. And are used as information for me. They have been selected and copied from the facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/LupitaNyongo?fref=ts. Whose attachment Conducting at the same text.  In case you want to use them for thing other than the information, you should  directed  yourself to the page mentioned and made contact with the owners of the image rights of these photos.
In the case of being reclaimed by the use of these photos on my blog I promise to remove them from my site immediately.

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